Mechanical Parts

Belt for 2 heads
Body Screws
Cable for Cap Driver
Full Reciprocator
Hoop Screw

Hoop Screw


Large Hoop Screw Set
Large Spool Attachment
Needle Bar
Needle Bar Clamp
Needle Depth Gauge
Needle Plate for Caps



Press Foot Holder
Reciprocator replacement
Replacement Arms
Rotary Hook Size L

Rotary Hook Size L

$65.00 $80.00

Screw for Needle Plate
Screw for Press Foot
Upper Picker Hook

Upper Picker Hook

$15.00 $19.99

Needle Holder
Needle Plate for Flats
Cam for Take up Lever
Movable Knife
Cam for Bumper
Unmovable Knife
Rotary Hook Cover
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